Elizabeth “Liz” Danielle Jenkins


On October 16, 2011, after a ten year battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma, our family lost a precious gift…

“Liz taught us tolerance, open-mindedness, forgiveness, unconditional love, but one of the greatest things she taught us was to cherish and live for THIS moment.

She saw the best in everyone, had an inner light that shined; a hope that would not be extinguished. “Keep the Faith” is what she said when others expressed concern. For nearly ten years, she fought, with dignity and grace, courage and laughter, love and heart. Through it all, ‘Love My Life’ was her motto. She didn’t love having cancer but having cancer made her appreciate every aspect of life. Always ready with a smile, she spread light and love wherever she went, to whomever she met, and left behind a legacy of love to many who will miss her forever….” XOXO…Sissy

“She wasn’t afraid to fall in love fast, even though her heart was broken more than once; she was always willing to fall in love all over again. She loved many, and many loved her back. Liz is a legend to me. She never let her sickness bring her down, at least not out loud. I know her family saw her downs, but she only showed us that her strength, smile, laugh, and attitude could overcome the worst.-Sunny Paszkiewicz, one of Liz’s dearest friends.

“Thankful today that Fate crossed our paths Liz… and that Destiny aligned the stars for us to meet one random night in Anchorage, Alaska. A friendship started that night and would grow into a story of Love and Inspiration in the short amount of time we had together in this life. Until we meet again my friend… I Love You Liz.” -Tracy Sieber, one of Liz’s dearest friends.

“Always and Forever, My Angel. Always and Forever you are, and will be, loved and missed.” -Mommy

“Growing up, she made it her mission to keep up with her big brother, and whatever he could do, she could do better (or was sure gonna try). She climbed the tallest trees, rode skateboards and BMX bikes; even jumped off the roof to show she could hang with her bro ~ thankfully onto a mattress! We each had our own special relationship with her and miss her beyond words…” -Sissy, Tinkerbell Speech 2013

“Liz has been in my heart & prayers from the day I met her. She was an old soul. I felt I’d known her forever.” - Love forever, Holly, City of Hope VAD Room

Despite having to endure the unimaginable, Liz had MANY moments to be grateful for.Thankfully, in the midst of fighting, she chose to LIVE! and embrace life.

Blessed to experience what some never do: she owned and rode a registered Arabian mare for almost 9 years, she spent time in Oregon (and always threatened to move there once she was cancer free☺), went to Hawaii with one of her best friends from high school, saw the Sequoias and Yosemite; skied and snowboarded, camped on ocean beaches, And! …talked me into sky diving the day before my 40th birthday/lol, much to mom’s chagrin☺. We were terrified going up and euphoric after – it really was an amazing experience…after☺.


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