It’s all about the base, ’bout the, wait a minute, it’s all about life-saving donations! Check out the numbers…

When I signed up this year to continue raising money for blood cancer research with LLS/TNT, I wasn’t really sure I was up to it after last year’s MWOY campaign on the heels of four back-to-back events in 2012-2013, but I had committed to doing the Flying Pig in October 2013 on the way home from Nike SF. I stressed over it because as much as I believe in it, passionately want to see better treatment options and a cure, after 11 years, three of which have been a battle just to survive the grief of losing my baby sister, I felt burned out and felt like my friends and family might be too. And, truth be told, I think I want/need a break from cancer.


However, once I realized Team G.A.I.L. (Giving Across International Lines) was just a tad over $12,000 from raising $100,000 and getting a research grant dedicated to our honored heroes and angels, I felt inspired to continue and got excited! I believe in LLS’ dedication to finding a cure for blood cancer; their funding has not only produced better treatments for blood cancer, but other cancers as well. And, to know every dime raised is going directly to research is awesome! Cutting edge research at cutting edge research hospitals!


Today, because of the tremendous support from my friends and family (YOU!), I am just $225 away from my personal fundraising goal of $3200, the Team is now just $10,000 from that research grant, AND…Together, YOU and I will have raised $121,000 over the last 11 years! That’s an average of $11,000/year!! THANK YOU!!  


Your help is still very much needed! To be part of Making Someday TODAY

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