It’s a wrap…

ThankMyTeamI have to say it again, WE DID IT!!! We raised $70,537 and GOT THE GRANT!! Thank you to everyone who donated, attended an event, shared our videos or links, made something, or hosted an event ~ you were each one a part of making this a reality and I can’t thank you enough!

It was an e-ticket ride for sure. It’s taken me a week to feel somewhat normal and rested. This is truly a once in a lifetime campaign and I am grateful I was able to do it. I am grateful to those amazing individuals who stood beside me and said they wanted to be part of making this happen. God bless each one of you.

To those who believed in me from the beginning ~ thank you. To my friend who said if anyone could do it, I could, and listened to every idea, rant, tear, fear, and cheer, Thank you.

Momma ~ thank you for dedicating your life to us. We were three very head-strong children who needed your undivided attention, thank you for giving us that; for the sacrifices you made to give us magic. Thank you for my Faith; it may waiver from time to time but it’s there and it’s the only way I managed to survive our loss. You taught me to step out in blind Faith and the universe would meet me. It’s never let me down.

Sean ~ thank you for stepping outside your comfort zone and sharing your grief with the world because this was that important.

It didn’t bring her back, but I know she’s mighty proud of us.

Please remember and continue to share her motto, “Love My Life”.

You can view our videos here, read more about Liz and her journey, or find information on Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and I’ll continue the fight so check back from time to time to see what might be going on. If I’m not fund-raising, I’ll feature my TNT ‘mates in their fund-raising efforts so you’ll always be able to help in the fight against blood cancers.


Shellee a.k.a. Sissy

Not sure what happened to this comment, so I’m pasting it in as a picture because it means a lot to me. Thanks John 🙂ItsAWrapCommentJHMc

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