shelleeiconSome may have read my post on Facebook earlier this week but posts get buried in the feed so fast that I thought I would share here.

The opportunity to be part of designating $50,000 (!) to a research grant, in Liz’s name, is mind-boggling!

I am grateful to all who have already donated, registered for one of our 5/10Ks, attended Bunco, hosted an event, or collected something for an opportunity drawing, you are all making a difference in a future life…! If you haven’t heard from me personally, you will, I promise, but know I appreciate you.

Two weeks down, 8 to go!

I knew this campaign would be intense, and at times stressful, but I was unprepared for the emotional aspect. Not sure why when I’m overly emotional by nature , but I wasn’t. It’s emotional on so many levels. To see how my baby sister’s life has touched so many; from all over, it’s a beautiful thing. It is my honor to carry her message to #lovemylife and keep fighting for a cure.

Getting this grant in her name is SO important! To honor her fight, and her will to live; to say she was here and she mattered, and to do some small thing to help this not happen to another child, parent, or family. Cancer and its treatment is ugly and it is gut-wrenching to watch your child/baby sister suffer; for 10 years or 10 minutes, and no matter how old that child is, he/she is still your baby (love you mommy). No child should have to go through that; no parent (or big sis/brother) should have to feel that utterly helpless. No child should know and have to face death; comfort their family as they tell you they are not afraid to die but don’t want to leave you; no parent should have to bury their child; it’s beyond your worst nightmare…

One grant won’t cure cancer, but it’s the one thing I can do.

I can’t do it alone though, so I will continue asking you to help by making a donation (and sharing our story). No donation is too small because it all adds up. Together we are part of a team, with the clear and concise mission to defeat cancer!

To donate:

Keep up-to-date on our events too! Check the EVENTS tab here on our website:

Keep sharing. Thank you.

Shellee a.k.a. Sissy

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